Interior Painting

Most of us don’t often spend time thinking about our home or office environments but their physical condition affects us in more ways than we realize. An beautifully painted home or office with the right color and layout choices can lift our spirits and help us look at the world in a more positive, productive manner.

Beautiful interiors mean more than a coat of paint on the walls. It means freshening up the overall space. Of course, creating a beautiful interior includes applying the paint but the process stretches far beyond this. It means choosing the right paint, properly prepping a surface by repairing cracks or holes in the drywall. It also means choosing a layout and decorating the rooms in an efficient and an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Star Painting Services offers home and office decorating services so we can consult with you to determine the best colors and treatment for the space. This will allow you to enjoy your space, whether an office, living room or kitchen, in the most productive way possible.

Kitchen and Bath Painting Services

It’s possible to give a tired kitchen new life without breaking the bank. At the most basic, our painters can paint the walls and cabinets, and change the hardware to freshen the look. For a more complete makeover, you can upgrade your cabinets and appliances within the existing layout, saving the expense and hassle of moving plumbing and electrical lines. A home renovation project will more than pay for itself at resale time. If changing tastes or wear and tear has left your kitchen in need of a facelift, call Star Painting Services. We can help.

A painting company in Central, NJ with more than 20 years’ experience, Star Painting Services prides itself on offering creative solutions for a variety of home improvement and home repair projects with craftsmanship by painters who are second to none.